Welcome to AioPubsub’s documentation!

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A generic interface wrapping multiple backends to provide a consistent pubsub API.


To use it, you need to implement your pubsub implementation from interfaces or use backends from aio_pubsub.backends package:

from aio_pubsub.backends.memory import MemoryPubSub
pubsub = MemoryPubSub()
# Create subscriber
subscriber = await pubsub.subscribe("a_chan")

# Push message
await pubsub.publish("a_chan", "hello world!")
await pubsub.publish("a_chan", "hello universe!")

# And listening channel
    async for message in subscriber:
        print(message, flush=True)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
    print("Finish listening")

Supported backends

Disclaimer: I would not advise you to use this backend, because it is shown only for testing purposes. Better develop your own implementation.

  • memory
  • redis
  • postgresql